Veterinary Sample Submission Card

Sample submission cards have been a staple in AniCon's veterinary diagnostic portfolio for several years. We have used everything we have learned about the advantages and drawbacks of this technology to develop the ANICARD.

The ANICARD uses the proven technology of adsorption of the sample material and chemical inactivation and preservation. It features 10 sample areas per card and is thus more suitable to the pooling in the lab and also a much more cost-efficient solution. Furthermore the size of the sample area is tailored toward the purification of the nucleic acids in our high-throughput laboratory.

Several types of sample submission cards are available, which all employ a similar chemical inactivation approach. The cards are generally considered save for sending by mail. This simplifies the sending samples and also reduces costs.

Below you can access a few select research papers and documents that refer to the application of such cards for veterinary diagnostics: