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We are your partner animal health.

Competent and independent - for our German and international customers.

Our laboratory center is located in Höltinghausen in the northwest of Germany and thus in the region of Oldenburger Münsterland, which is characterized by agricultural culture and the food industry.

SAN Group Biotech Germany GmbH was founded in 2005 as a diagnostic laboratory specializing in poultry diseases under the name AniCon Labor GmbH.

Our steadily expanding, broad range of diagnostics, an uncompromising service mentality and our orientation as an independent, consulting company have resulted in constant growth.

Having grown into one of Germany's largest service providers, we are now a world-renowned, modern laboratory center with comprehensive testing capabilities for cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, goats and fish.

In the SAN Group, all activities relating to the livestock sector are bundled in the global business area for animal health, SAN Vet.


A Success Story

ANICON ("Animal Control") was founded in mid-2005 and started with 10 employees in the areas of veterinary diagnostics, food testing and a small manufacturing area for flock-specific vaccines. The initial focus on veterinary diagnostics for turkeys and waterfowl in Germany was soon followed by a strong expansion in terms of content and geography;

With a total of more than 250 employees, we now serve international customers in all areas of poultry and pig farming, as well as cattle and fish production.

The diagnostic portfolio includes pathology, cultural bacteriology and virology, serology and, above all, a very broad spectrum of state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic methods including sequencing.

Since 2021 we are part of the SAN Group.

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Samples are also prepared on Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays if arrangend beforehand.

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Quality Management & Consulting


DAkkS certificate PL-14290-01: Our laboratories are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 in the veterinary field, in food and feed testing and in drinking water analysis. The areas include bacteriological, serological and molecular biological diagnostics, as well as microbiological, immunological and chemical analysis.

Quality Policy

Our scope of services includes chemical, microbiological, immunological and molecular biological testing of food, feed and drinking water, pathological-anatomical and laboratory diagnostic testing of farm animals, production of stock-specific vaccines for farm animals, production of in-vitro diagnostics and consulting activities.


Highest quality is the basis for our success. Meeting the needs and requirements of all relevant, interested parties are always fulfilled within the framework of legal regulations.


The trust of our customers in our company and in the quality of our services, acquired over many years, must be maintained and expanded. In doing so, we respond to the needs and expectations of our customers with great readiness, in order to then be able to fulfill them quickly.


By introducing a quality management system in the sense of a continuous improvement process, we are working on a constant increase in the quality of our services with the aim of avoiding errors. The benchmarks for our success are, besides the economic success, especially the satisfaction of our customers and employees. Our quality management system is based on DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 and the relevant legal standards.

All relevant processes such as leadership, order processing, management processes as well as the corresponding supporting processes, are systematically analyzed and documented, as well as their mutual influence. In the course of planning resources and projects, the required quality standard is determined. The processes are geared towards increasing quality and thus serve to improve customer and employee satisfaction. The achievement of the planned quality targets is regularly checked using key figures and audits. Deviations are analyzed and corrected in a timely manner. The knowledge gained in this process is incorporated into the regular training of our employees. Deficiencies or potential for improvement identified in the management review are incorporated for further system improvement.

Within the scope of the flexibilization of an accreditation scope, SAN Group Biotech Germany GmbH has the possibility to include further procedures in the accredited scope according to the marking in the annex of the accreditation certificate:

Within the test areas marked with *, the free selection of standardized test methods or test methods equivalent to them is possible after appropriate verification.

Within the test areas marked with **, the modification as well as further and new development of test methods is possible after corresponding validation or verification.

Within the test areas not specially marked, the use of standards and normative documents with different editions is permitted.


Our employees are the most important resource for the company. We expect each employee to accept his or her own responsibility for error-free work, for compliance with the law and the rules applicable in the company, and for knowledge of the products and services of SAN Group Biotech Germany GmbH. We motivate our employees by setting an example of commitment to quality through their superiors, by assigning sufficient responsibility and by recognizing good performance. Only through active cooperation can quality goals be achieved in a short time. All managers are responsible for the implementation of our quality policy in their respective areas of responsibility.


Management ensures that the quality management system can achieve its intended results. Undesirable effects are prevented as far as possible or at least reduced to a minimum. Errors in the system are systematically investigated with the aim of achieving continuous improvement of the management system.

Management ensures that all legal and other requirements to which the company has committed itself are met.

The management undertakes to plan measures to deal with opportunities and risks in a targeted manner. It initiates the necessary activities for integration into the management system and ensures that they are implemented. The planning includes the way in which the effectiveness of this measure is evaluated.

Continuous Improvement

Active participation in the continuous improvement of our processes, participation in the necessary further training measures and the willingness to deal openly with discovered errors, make a decisive contribution to ensuring that our customers receive the best quality.

Quality Goals

Customer satisfaction with constantly increasing quality requirements is our first goal. In order to achieve our quality and corporate goals, we continuously strive to bring about improvements, focusing on the following key areas:

  • continuous improvement of our QM system
  • regular review and implementation of our quality goals
  • cost reduction, e.g. through error prevention

Management identifies and provides the resources necessary to achieve the quality objectives. Quality objectives include objectives related to the fulfillment of requirements for products/services. Quality objectives are consistent with the quality policy and the objective of continuous improvement. Quality objectives are redefined once a year from the results of the management review.

Company Goals

Quality, safety, health and occupational safety, and a good economic result are among our top priorities.